24/7 Emergency Tree Services in Sydney’s North Shore, Northern Beaches, Western and Eastern Suburbs

You’re probably reading this page because you have storm damage that requires immediate attention. You’re in the right place!

Pro Climbing Tree Services is available 24/7 to help with your emergency tree services across Sydney’s North Shore, Northern Beaches, Western and Eastern Suburbs.

As well as emergency tree pruning and other services, if you’re preparing your property against possible storm damage or bush fire, we can advise on getting your trees into good shape.

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Taking Precautions and Avoiding Problems

Steps to take precautions include:

  • Tree planting: Plant trees away from buildings, power lines and steep banks.
  • Mulch your trees: Mulch holds moisture and protects the tree’s roots from drying out and, as mulch decays, it provides the nutrients that fertilise the tree’s roots and encourage growth and strength.
  • Tree pruning: Annually prune your trees to improve their health and make them resistant to damage from wind and storm.
  • Preventative tree pruning: Remove loose, damaged, or overhanging branches that are too close to your home.
  • Tree removal: Remove trees that are damaged, decayed or are too close to your home or electricity lines.

Steps to avoid potential problems include:

  • Root damage: A weakened root system increases a tree’s vulnerability to disease and insects.
  • Excessive lean: A slight lean is not uncommon. However, if you see decay or signs that the roots are lifting from the ground, then the tree is very likely unstable and vulnerable in a storm.
  • Double trunked trees: A double trunk or co-dominant stem is usually deemed unstable.
  • Construction: Construction machinery working too close to a tree can damage its roots, making it more susceptible to damage from storms and high winds.
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