Pro Climbing Tree Services is a specialist and trusted company with over 10 years’ experience in the industry. Our team is renowned for our reliability and skill in a range of tree services, and our excellent customer service.

Our arborists cover residential and commercial tree services and specialise in large tree removal. Our team are trained arborists who offer expert advice and highly professional tree service in the Sydney region.

To book in or learn more about our collection of tree removal services, please contact us at Pro Climbing Tree Services today by calling 0415 463 647.

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Pro Climbing Tree Services

What Tree Removal Services Do We Offer?

If you’re looking at cutting, lopping or removing hazardous branches or trees, and need trusted tree removal services, then you’ve come to the right place. You might be thinking about pruning or removing overgrown, diseased/damaged branches or whole trees and we can help.

Our arborists also offer a range of arboriculture services and a variety of options that promote long-term tree growth and health. After careful inspection of your yard and consultation of your concerns, we can recommend suitable solutions for your tree care and maintenance needs.


When you have a tree that is dying or dead, it can pose a serious threat to your home or property. For example, if the tree is located near power lines, it could cause a blackout, or if it is located near a roadway, it could cause an accident. It is therefore important to remove the tree as soon as possible to avoid any damage or injury.
Removing a tree can be a daunting task, but with the help of professional tree removal services, it doesn’t have to be. Tree removal services will offer arborists with the experience and equipment necessary to safely and effectively remove your tree. They will also be able to advise you on the best course of action for your particular situation.
Whether you need to remove a tree for safety reasons, or simply want to improve your curb appeal with some tree lopping and cutting, our team at Pro Climbing Tree Services can help. Our full set of tree removal services available across Sydney and beyond include:

Pro Climbing Tree Services

Tree Removal

Our core service, we can assist in the removal of any trees that have become hazardous after weakening from disease or infestation, creating a safe environment for you and your family.

Pro Climbing Tree Services

Tree Pruning

Ongoing maintenance to ensure the aesthetics and health of your trees are preserved by professionals in the field that apply a superior level of care and attention.

Pro Climbing Tree Services

Stump Grinding

If you have had a tree recently cut out from your property, a stump can prove both an eye-sore and a hazard, requiring specialist equipment and machinery to grind and remove.

Pro Climbing Tree Services

Land Clearing

Both small- and large-scale land clearing to assist both commercial and residential designs.


It’s common to think of tree removal as something only necessary when a tree is dead or dying. In reality, there are many other reasons why you might need to remove a tree from your property. These include:

  • The tree is too close to your house or other structures, posing a safety hazard if the tree were to fall over.
  • The tree is blocking sunlight from reaching your home or garden.
  • The roots of the tree are causing damage to your foundation or sidewalks.
  • The tree is producing too much fruit or leaves and creating a mess on your property.
  • You are planning to do extensive landscaping and the tree is in the way.

If you are considering having a tree removed from your property, it is important to consult with a professional tree removal service like the arborists at Pro Climbing Tree Services. We will be able to assess the situation and provide you with the best course of action. In some cases, it may even be possible to save the tree by trimming it back or doing other ongoing maintenance work. However, if the tree is too close to your home or poses a safety hazard, removal may be the only option.


Most people will see trees as large, green and leafy additions to the aesthetic appeal of their property. Rarely are they seen as obstructions or even potential hazards, but this can quickly be the case without diligent management and upkeep, which is why it is so important to have professional tree removal services, or at least tree cutting and lopping services, regularly performed on your land. 

Maintain Tree Health

Trees are living organisms, and they need care in order to stay healthy. Over time, they can become stressed or diseased, which can lead to problems such as poor growth, dieback, and even death. By hiring a professional tree service, you can rest assured that your trees will receive the care they need in order to stay healthy and thrive. This not only looks better, but it can also help to improve air quality and provide other benefits to the environment. 

Preserve Property Value

Trees can enhance the curb appeal and value of your home, but only when they’re healthy and well-maintained. Over time, trees can damage sidewalks, driveways, and even the foundation of your home. If a tree is dying or posing a threat to your property, it could actually end up devaluing your property. Tree pruning or removal services can help you avoid these costly repairs.

Improve Home Safety

As mentioned above, dead or dying trees can pose a serious safety hazard to your home and family. If a tree falls on your house, for example, it could cause significant damage or even gravely injure someone. Our removal services can help to improve the safety of your home by applying safe and effective methods to eradicate any potentially dangerous trees.

Well-Equipped Industry Professionals

Much of tree maintenance and removal can prove dangerous and laborious without the right machinery and methods to properly perform the work. Our arborists are equipped with all the necessary tools and knowledge to safely remove trees from your property. They have the experience and expertise to handle even the most challenging tree removal projects. 

Greater Convenience & Savings

If you have a tree that is difficult to reach or too large to handle on your own, tree removal services can provide a convenient solution. It will save you money on purchasing the equipment required to complete the project, as well as the time and hassle of the actual fulfilment, as our arborists do all the work for you.


There is no set price on tree cutting, lopping and removal services in Sydney. The cost will be influenced by a range of factors. Naturally, the size of the tree will play a large role in determining the expense of the project, as the larger the tree, the longer the job will take to complete. This is in relation to both the height of the tree and its width.

With that said, there is a range of other factors that impact this process, including:

  • Type of Tree: The type of tree also affects the cost of removal. Some trees are simply easier to remove than others. For example, a palm tree will typically cost less to remove than a sturdy oak tree.
  • Location of Tree: The location of the tree is another important factor. Trees located in difficult-to-reach areas will be more expensive to remove, given the added complexity and demands placed on your arborists. Additionally, trees located near power lines or other structures may be more expensive to remove due to the potential for damage.
  • Condition of Tree: If the tree is healthy and easy to remove, the cost may be less than if the tree is diseased or otherwise difficult to remove.

If you’re thinking of engaging in tree lopping, cutting or removal services, be sure to contact us at Pro Climbing Tree Services so our arborists can offer a tailored quote, and you can begin to establish a budget around your project.


Tree removal and maintenance in Sydney come in a variety of different forms. While you need an obstructing tree complete dug out of the ground and removed from your property, other times you may only require a few branches to be trimmed or felled to receive a satisfactory result.

Tree cutting and lopping is often carried out when areas of a tree are unsightly and/or dangerous. As such, trained professionals apply a series of techniques and specialised equipment to selectively fell branches and sections of even the largest of trees without causing any damage to nearby property or injuring anyone in the process.

Tree removal, on the other hand, is the most extreme measure of this process, removing the entire tree from the ground, and should only be carried out when absolutely necessary. Tree removal can be a very dangerous task and should only be attempted by trained professionals using the correct safety equipment.


Pro Climbing Tree Services are known in the industry for our commitment to quality, reliability, expertise, speed, commitment to safety and customer satisfaction. This ensures our arborists in Sydney deliver our clients the best results with their projects, and we also have an extensive range of vehicles and machinery, which allows for flexibility so that no job is too big or small.

Fully insured with $20 million in public liability insurance, you have peace of mind that our team has you covered.

tree removal - ropes

At Pro Climbing Tree Services, we have some of the finest arborists in Sydney and wider NSW working on our team. In addition to being highly trained and experienced, they are equipped with the latest tools and technology to not only get the job done quickly and efficiently, but in the safest manner possible. When working with us, you can also find direct access to all tree removal services you could ever require, from simple lopping and cutting to the complete removal of more stubborn trees.

Other features and benefits of employing our tree lopping, cutting and removal services include:

What Sets Us Apart From Other Arborists Offering Tree Removal Services?

Pro Climbing Tree Services

Free Quote

Our arborists offer free quotes with a fast turn-around time on all of our tree removal services, so just pick up the phone to call us today.

Pro Climbing Tree Services

24/7 Emergency Services

Hit by storms or bushfires? We understand the timely nature of your needs and are here for you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Pro Climbing Tree Services

A Trusted Company

With over 10 years of experience in the tree industry, our arborists have a well-earned reputation for reliability. You can have peace of mind that your property is in good hands when you enlist Pro Climbing Tree Services.

Pro Climbing Tree Services

Professional Arborists

Our team of professional arborists are fully trained and qualified for the tree maintenance, pruning and removal services we provide.

Pro Climbing Tree Services

Fully Insured

Our arborists are fully insured with $20 million in public liability insurance, for your peace of mind.

Andrew C, Newport

“Polite, professional and safe – we were very impressed with the job that Adam and his team did with a difficult and very large tree at our place. No damage to our deck or the surrounding glass doors. No damage to our neighbours place. I was particularly impressed with the way that they worked with their attention to safety for the whole crew. Would strongly and without hesitation recommend these guys to you.”

Anik F, Narrabeen

“Fantastic job. Adam and the guys were so quick – from quote to completion. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the team for your tree cutting needs! Did a fantastic job, our courtyard has so much more light now and they left the place tidier than it was when they arrived! Thanks again guys.”

Fred R, Wahroonga

“Unfortunately, a large tree came down onto our property during the recent high winds. It wound up suspended above the ground resting on the edge of our balcony railing and another tree in our yard. Not a huge tree but technically quite difficult to remove….The outcome couldn’t have been better. Adam and his team kept me informed as to when they were arriving, turned up at the stated time, inspected the work and realised a large crane would be needed, arranged for the crane to attend, then set about preparing the job. They cut off what they could and when the crane was finally in position the remaining limbs and trunk were quickly and efficiently removed. Quite an impressive sight! The yard was finally cleaned up and all the mess removed before the team left. No fuss, no drama, just a job very well done. I certainly recommend Adam and Pro Climbing Tree Services.”

Margaret B, Warriewood

“A wonderful job to remove my tree stump in a very small and enclosed courtyard. Access with the machinery through my house was difficult but they made it worry free and the staff were great. Thank you Adam.”

Danielle S, Mona Vale

“We have had the pleasure of using Adam and his team twice in recent months. Both jobs have involved coordinating with neighbours and despite the potential for issues, both have been effortless experiences. This can be directly attributed to the professional approach, communication skills and attention to detail of Pro Climbing Tree Services. And when we needed a tiny bit more done on one job to assist the fencing team, nothing was too difficult. If you need a Tree Company, with exceptional tree skills, great communication and excellent customer service give Pro Climbing a call. In 25 years of living on the tree filled Northern Beaches, Adam Barnes’s team is the best tree company we’ve used.”

Nory H, Croydon

We engaged Pro Climbing Tree Services to prune branches of trees overhanding our property. While Adam was climbing and pruning branches, every single member of his crew had a particular task to performance, such synchronization was a pleasure to watch. Not to mention the experience of watching how the arborist is able to tackle selective branches in the most skilful manner. Through all my dealings with Adam in person and via email, I found him to be professional, punctual and trustworthy.

David B, Bilgola

We’ve had to have a number of dead or dangerous trees removed from our property over the last four years. It’s a difficult access site but Adam and his crew were true professionals and had the latest job done within four hours. All debris was removed without a trace and even the nature strip left clean. Full marks to Pro Climbing.

Jenny D, Thornleigh

Cannot speak more highly of Adam and his team. We certainly asked them to do an awful and challenging job of clearing green waste from our steep bush block and they were amazing. From the initial quote to their work on the day they were professional, efficient and passionate. The completed job exceeded our expectations. I recommend Adam without hesitation.

Greg W, Belrose

Adam was prompt, efficient, gave me a good price, and he did a very good job. I would recommend him; in fact, I’ve already recommend him to one of my neighbours.

Alvin L, Hornsby

So pleased with the work done by Adam and his crew. They were totally professional in their approach, and performed in a safe and methodical manner. Great customer service from quote, pre-work communications and execution stages. Would gladly use them again and definitely recommend to others.

Peggy L, Belrose

I highly recommend Pro Climbing Tree Services – they have been nothing short of completely professional, very prompt and courteous, keeping the area as clean as possible on completion. I wish them every success in business.

Michelle A, Mackerel Beach

So grateful for the work done by Pro-Climbing Tree Services. Highly recommended for when you want to get the job done with minimum fuss and maximum efficiency


Tree lopping, cutting and removal are jobs that need a professional’s touch. A mistake can mean permanent damage to the growth or even lifespan of the tree, so it’s in your best interest to only trust companies with extensive experience in tree removal services, just like Pro Climbing Tree Services.

Call in our professional arborists for the best results in the aesthetics, health and structural integrity of your garden. For more information on our tree cutting, lopping and removal services, we can be reached on 0415 463 647, sending an email to, or by leaving your details on our easy to complete, online enquiry form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep updated with everything new in the industry, too!

Pro Climbing Tree Services

Need a professional for your tree pruning and removal jobs? Servicing areas near Avalon, Belrose, Forestville, St Ives, Collaroy, Northern Beaches, North Shore & Narrabeen. Call us today for your free quote.

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